Meet Francis Perrault: the TTP trader who made $99,055.65!

Francis Perreault took his trading skills to Level 7 of the CFDs VIP scaling plan and achieved a remarkable $99,055.65 payout.

“Trading is more than numbers; it’s about freedom.

With The Trading Pit, I enhanced skills and crafted my strategy, which resulted in my success.”
Francis Perreault.

From Canada, Francis stands as an inspiration for traders worldwide. With over 5 years in the game, he’s unlocked the true essence of trading – freedom. He is generating income and freedom of time, choice, and life on his terms. Our recent interview with Francis provides valuable insights into the trading world for anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to become a successful trader.

Who is Francis?:

Francis was initially drawn to the trading world by the allure of luxury and grandeur. However, the depth of knowledge won him more than the glitzy cars and riches. His vision was always clear: he wanted to be different. And for him, this differentiation wasn’t just about strategies but also his mental game.

The Importance of a Good Mentor;

Francis and our host delved into the significance of having the right mentors. In an industry rife with misinformation and instant “gurus”, ensuring you’re imbibing knowledge from a reliable source is pivotal. As they discussed, time is far more valuable than money, especially when mastering the art of trading.

Francis and The Trading Pit

Francis spoke about his experience with the Trading Pit, a prop firm that stood out to him due to its professionalism, transparency, and unparalleled support. Unlike others, the Trading Pit emphasises step-by-step growth, ensuring traders do not rush but evolve steadily, as he mentioned.

Strategies, Risk Management, and More;

Diving deep into his approach, Francis shared that his strategy is more about understanding the market than following a strict rulebook. Recognising liquidity, comprehending volumes, and timely reactions are pivotal for him. Also, the way he manages risk is worth noting. For him, if a stop loss is hit, it signals that something went awry – either the timing or the direction.

The Value of Continuous Learning:

Andreas and Francis touched upon the essence of constant education in trading. Being solely lured by luxury is a surefire way to failure. However, having a mentor, understanding the market intricacies, and honing your strategy based on continuous learning is the key.

Francis highlighted a significant point: it’s okay to outgrow mentors or courses. What’s crucial is the knowledge and experience you gather along the way. He appreciates every mentor and approach he’s been through, for they have sculpted him into the trader he is today.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Francis Perreault’s journey in the trading world is nothing short of inspirational. Beyond his look into future tools and enhancements for the Trading Pit, his mindset and approach truly stand out.

From keeping his emotions in check in the unpredictable world of trading to meticulously crafting strategies integrating technical analysis with futures correlation, he embodies determination and expertise.

His success story, particularly his achievement in reaching Level 7 of the CFDs VIP program, underscores that with resilience, the right plan, and platforms like the Trading Pit to support, realising success in trading is not merely aspirational but genuinely attainable.

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